Current Issue

June 2021, Volume 12, Number 3

Practical Approaches to Target Detection in Long Range and Low Quality Infrared Videos

Chiman Kwan and David Gribben, Applied Research, LLC, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Computer Aided Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea from EEG Signals

Saheed Ademola Bello and Umar Alqasemi, King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia

Using Distance Measure based Classification in Automatic Extraction of Lungs Cancer Nodules for Computer Aided Diagnosis

Maan Ammar1, Muhammad Shamdeen2, MazenKasedeh2, Kinan Mansour3 and Waad Ammar3,
1AL Andalus University for Medical Sciences, Syria, 2Damascus University, Syria, 3Al Andalus University Hospital, Syria

April 2021, Volume 12, Number 2

Classification and Comparison of License Plates Localization Algorithms

Mustapha Saidallah, Fatimazahra Taki, Abdelbaki El Belrhiti El Alaoui and Abdeslam El Fergougui, Moulay Ismail University, Morocco

General Purpose Image Tampering Detection using Convolutional Neural Network and
Local Optimal Oriented Pattern (LOOP)

Ali Ahmad Aminu1, 2 and Nwojo Nnanna Agwu11Nile University of Nigeria, Nigeria, 2Gombe State University, Nigeria

Target Detection and Classification Performance Enhancement using Super-Resolution Infrared Videos
Chiman Kwan, David Gribben and Bence Budavari, Applied Research, LLC, USA

February 2021, Volume 12, Number 1

Application of Convolutional Neural Network In LAWN Measurement
J. Wilkins1, M. V. Nguyen1, B. Rahmani1, 21Fontbonne University, USA, 2Maryville University, USA

Research on Noise Reduction and Enhancement Algorithm of Girth Weld Image
Xiang-Song Zhang1, Wei-Xin Gao1 and Shi-Ling Zhu21Xi’an Shiyou University, China, 2Xi’an University of Post and Telecommunications, China

Target Detection and Classification Improvements using Contrast Enhanced 16-bit Infrared Videos
Chiman Kwan and David Gribben, Applied Research, LLC, USA

Role of Hybrid Level Set in Fetal Contour Extraction
Rachana Jaiswal and Srikant Satarkar, Amravati University, India

December 2020, Volume 11, Number 6

Further Improvements of CFA 3.0 by Combining Inpainting and Pansharpening Techniques
Chiman Kwan and Jude Larkin, Applied Research, LLC, USA

Off-Line Arabic Handwritten Words Segmentation using Morphological Operators
Nisreen AbdAllah1 and Serestina Viriri2, 1Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan and
2University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Neighbour Local Variability for Multi-Focus Images Fusion
Ias Sri Wahyuni1 and Rachid Sabre2, 1Universitas Gunadarma, Indonesia, 2University of Burgundy/Agrosup Dijon, France

Facial Age Estimation using Transfer Learning and Bayesian Optimization based on Gender Information
Marwa Ahmed1 and Serestina Viriri2, 1Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan,
2University of KwaZulu-Nata, South Africa

A Novel Graph Representation for Skeleton-based Action Recognition
Tingwei Li, Ruiwen Zhang and Qing Li, Tsinghua University, China

August 2020, Volume 11, Number 4

Eye Gaze Estimation Invisible and IR Spectrum for Driver Monitoring System

Susmitha Mohan and Manoj Phirke, HCL Technologies, India

Batch Normalized Convolution Neural Network for Liver Segmentation

Fatima Abdalbagi1, Serestina Viriri2 and Mohammed Tajalsir Mohammed11Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan, 2University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Comparison of Denoising Algorithms for Demosacing Low Lighting Images Using CFA 2.0

Chiman Kwan and Jude Larkin, Applied Research, LLC, USA

Face Verification Across Age Progression using Enhanced Convolution Neural Network

Areeg Mohammed Osman1 and Serestina Viriri21Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan, 2University of Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa

Bata-Unet: Deep Learning Model for Liver Segmentation

Fatima Abdalbagi1, Serestina Viriri2 and Mohammed Tajalsir Mohammed11Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan, 2University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

August 2020, Volume 11, Number 4

Melanoma Cell Detection in Lymph Nodes Histopathological Images using Deep Learning

Salah Alheejawi, Richard Berendt, Naresh Jha and Mrinal Mandal, University of Alberta, Canada

Gender Discrimination based on the Thermal Signature of the Face and the External Ear

Georgia Koukiou and Vassilis Anastassopoulos, University of Patras, Greece

Demosaicing of Real Low Lighting Images using CFA 3.0

Chiman Kwan, Jude Larkin and Bence Budavari, Applied Research, LLC, USA

June 2020, Volume 11, Number 3

Demosaicing Mastcam Images using A New Color Filter Array

Chiman Kwan and Jude Larkin, Applied Research, USA

Estimation of Separation and Location of Wave Emitting Sources : A Comparison Study between Parametric and Non-parametric Methods

Mujahid F. AL-Azzo and Azzah T.Qaba, Ninevah University, Iraq

April 2020, Volume 11, Number 2

Strange Behaviors and Root Cause in the Compression of Previously Compressed Videos

Chiman Kwan and Jude Larkin, Applied Research, LLC, USA

Secure OMP Based Pattern Recognition that Supports Image Compression

Takayuki Nakachi1 and Hitoshi Kiya21Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Japan and 2Tokyo ,Metropolitan University, Japan

February 2020, Volume 11, Number 1

Applying R-spatiogram in Object Tracking for Occlusion Handling

Niloufar Salehi Dastjerdi and M. Omair Ahmad, Concordia University, Canada

Wavelet Decomposition and Alpha Stable Fusion

Rachid Sabre1 and Ias Wahyuni21University of Burgundy/Agrosup Dijon, France and 2Universitas Gunadarma, Indonesia

Enhanced System for Computer-aided Detection of MRI Brain Tumors

Umar Alqasmi, Ammar Alzuhair and Abduallah Bama’bad

Suitable Mother Wavelet Selection for EEG Signals Analysis: Frequency Bands Decomposition and Discriminative Feature Selection

Romain Atangana1,2,3, Daniel Tchiotsop1, GodpromesseKenne1, Laurent Chanel Djoufack Nkengfack1,21Unité de Recherche d’Automatique et d’InformatiqueAppliquée (UR-AIA), University of Dschang, Cameroon, 2Unité de Recherche de Matière Condensée-d’Électronique et de Traitement du Signal (UR-MACETS), University of Dschang, Cameroon and 3University of Ngaoundere, Cameroon

Advanced Single Image Resolution Upsurging Using A Generative Adversarial Network

Md. Moshiur Rahman1, Samrat Kumar Dey2 and Kabid Hassan Shibly21Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh and 2Dhaka International University, Bangladesh

December 2019, Volume 10, Number 6

Efficient Method to find Nearest Neighbours in Flocking Behaviours

Omar Adwan, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Deep Learning Based Target Tracking and Classification Directly in Compressive Measurement for Low Quality Videos

Chiman Kwan1, Bryan Chou1, Jonathan Yang2 and Trac Tran3, 1Applied Research LLC, USA, 2Google, Inc., USA and 3Johns Hopkins University, USA

Textons of Irregular Shape to Identify Patterns in the Human Parasite Eggs

Roxana Flores-Quispe and Yuber Velazco-Paredes, Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa, Perú

October 2019, Volume 10, Number 5

Free- Reference Image Quality Assessment Framework Using Metrics Fusion and Dimensionality Reduction

Besma Sadou1, Atidel Lahoulou2, Toufik Bouden1, Anderson R. Avila3, Tiago H. Falk3 and Zahid Akhtar41Non Destructive Testing Laboratory, University of Jijel, Algeria, 2LAOTI laboratory, University of Jijel, Algeria, 3University of Québec, Canada and 4University of Memphis, USA

Test-cost-sensitive Convolutional Neural Networks with Expert Branches

Mahdi Naghibi1, Reza Anvari1, Ali Forghani1 and Behrouz Minaei21Malek-Ashtar University of Technology, Iran and 2Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

Robust Image Watermarking Method using Wavelet Transform

Omar Adwan, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Improvements of the Analysis of Human Activity Using Acceleration Record of Electrocardiographs

Itaru Kaneko1, Yutaka Yoshida2 and Emi Yuda31&2Nagoya City University, Japan and 3Tohoku University, Japan

August 2019, Volume 10, Number 4

The Study On Electromagnetic Scattering Characteristics Of Jonswap Spectrum Sea Surface

Xiaolin Mi, Xiaobing Wang, Xinyi He and Fei Dai  Science and Technology on Electromagnetic Scattering Laboratory, Shanghai, China

Ransac Based Motion Compensated Restoration For Colonoscopy Images

Nidhal Azawi and John Gauch Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas

June 2019, Volume 10, Number 3

Machine-Learning Estimation of Body Posture and Physical Activity by Wearable Acceleration and Heartbeat Sensors

Yutaka Yoshida2 , Emi Yuda31, Kento Yamamoto4 , Yutaka Miura5 , and Junichiro Hayano11Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Science, Japan 2 Nagoya City University Graduate School of Design and Architecture, Japan 3 Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering, Japan 4 University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, Japan and 5 Shigakkan University, Japan.

Method for the Detection of Mixed QPSK Signals Based on the Calculation of Fourth-Order Cumulants

Vasyl Semenov, Pavel Omelchenko and Oleh Kruhlyk,Delta SPE LLC, Ukraine

Rain Streaks Elimination Using Image Processing Algorithms

Dinesh Kadam1 , Amol R. Madane2 , Krishnan Kutty2 , S. V. Bonde1 , 1SGGSIET, India 2Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., India

A Novel Data Dictionary Learning for Leaf Recognition

Shaimaa Ibrahem1 , Yasser M. Abd El-Latif2 and Naglaa M. Reda2 1Higher Institute for Computer Sciences and Information System, Egypt 2Ain Shams University, Egypt

Application of A Computer Vision Method for Soiling Recognition in Photovoltaic Modules for Autonomous Cleaning Robots

Tatiani Pivem1 , Felipe de Oliveira de Araujo2 Laura de Oliveira de Araujo2 Gustavo Spontoni de Oliveira2 1Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul – UFMS, Brazil 2Nexsolar Energy Solutions, Brazil

April   2019, Volume 10, Number 2

Perceptually Lossless Compression With Error Concealment For Periscope And Sonar Videos

Chiman Kwan1 , Jude Larkin1 , Bence Budavari1 , Eric Shang1 , and Trac D. Tran2 1Applied Research LLC, Rockville, Maryland, USA 2 The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

February 2019, Volume 10, Number 1

Compression Algorithm Selection for Multispectral Mastcam Images

Chiman Kwan, Jude Larkin, Bence Budavari, and Bryan Chou, Applied Research, LLC, USA.

Characterizing Human Behaviours Using Statistical Motion Descriptor

Eissa Jaber Alreshidi1 and Mohammad Bilal2, 1University of Hail, Saudi Arabia and 2Comsats University, Pakistan.

Facial Expression Detection for video sequences using local feature extraction algorithms

Kennedy Chengeta and Professor Serestina Viriri, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

December 2018, Volume 9, Number 6

Individual Emotion Recognition and Subgroup Analysis from Psychophysiological Signals

Lin Zhang, Harald C. Traue and Dilana Hazer-Rau, University of Ulm, Germany

Design of Delay Computation Method for Cyclotomic Fast Fourier Transform

Tejaswini Deshmukh1, Prashant Deshmukh2, Monica Kalbande3 and Pravin Dakhole4, 1, 3&4Y.C.C.E Nagpur University,
India and 2GCOE, Nagpur, India

Effective Interest Region Estimation Model to Represent Corners for Image

Naurin Afrin and Wei Lai, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

A Precision Agriculture DSS Based on Sensor Threshold Management for Irrigation Field

Alessandro Massaro, Giacomo Meuli, Nicola Savino and Angelo Galiano, Dyrecta Lab, IT Research Laboratory, Italy

October 2018, Volume 9, Number 5

Computer Aided Diagnosis of Ventricular Arrhythmias from Electrocardiogram Lead II Signals

Saleh A. Alzahrani and Umar S. Alqasemi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

August 2018, Volume 9, Number 4

Experimental Research of Highly Reliable Methods of Hydroacoustic Communication for Limited Water Bodies with
Low Sound Absorption and a Complex Revervebration Pattern

Alexander Dikarev1, Stanislav Dmitriev1, Vitaliy Kubkin1, Arron Griffiths2 and Arthur Abelentsev1, 1Underwater
Communication and Navigation Laboratory, Russia and 2The University of Manchester, UK

Ships Matching Based on an Adaptive Acoustic Spectrum Signature Detection Algorithm

Dahai Cheng1, Huigang Xu1 and Ruiliang Gong2 and Huan Huang2, 1Changshu Institute of Technology, China and 2Changshu Ruite Electric Co. Ltd, China

A Study on the Standards of the Management of Segregated Biometric Data

Yougjae Kim, Korea Polytechnic University, Republic of Korea

June 2018, Volume 9, Number 3

Sensitivity of a Video Surveillance System Based on Motion Detection

Alessandro Massaro, Valeria Vitti, Giuseppe Maurantonio and Angelo Galiano, Dyrecta Lab, Italy

4D Automatic Lip-Reading for Speaker’s Face Identification

Adil AbdUlhurAbUShana, University of eötvös loránd, Hungary

April 2018, Volume 9, Number 2

Automatic Image Processing Engine Oriented on Quality Control of Electronic Boards

Alessandro Massaro, Valeria Vitti, Angelo Galiano Dyrecta Lab, IT research Laboratory, via Vescovo Simplicio,45, 70014 Conversano(BA), Italy

An Enhanced Block Based Edge Detection Technique Using Hysteresis Thresholding

Jayasree M1, N K Narayanan2, Kabeer V3 and Arun C R4 1Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur, India 2College of Engineering, Vadakara, India 3Department of Computer Science, Farook College, Kozhikode, India 4Dept. of Electronics & Comm. Engineering, Model Engineering College, Kochi, India

 February 2018, Volume 9, Number 1

Secure Watermarking Technique for Medical Images with Visual Evaluation

Majdi Al-qdah, University of Tabuk, KSA

December 2017, Volume 8, Number 6

Human Action Recognition in Videos Using Stable Features

Mohib Ullah1, Habib Ullah2 and Ibrahim M. Alseadoon2, 1Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway and 2University of Ha’il, Saudi Arabia

Multi Scale ICA Based IRIS Recognition Using BSIF and HOG

Ganapathi V Sagar1, Abidali Munna NC2, K Suresh Babu2, K B Raja2 and Venugopal K R2, 1Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India and 2Bangalore University, India

An Analysis of the Kalman, Extended Kalman, Uncented Kalman and Particle Filters with Application to DOA Tracking

Venu Madhava M1, Jagadeesha S N2 and Yerriswamy T3, 1JNN College of Engineering, India, 2PESITM, India and 3KLE Institute of Technology, India

October 2017, Volume 8, Number 5

Evaluation of Texture as an Input of Spatial Context for Machine Learning Mapping of Wildland Fire Effects

Dale Hamilton, Barry Myers and Jonathan Branham, Northwest Nazarene University, USA

HVDLP : Horizontal Vertical Diagonal Local Pattern Based Face Recognition

ChandrakalaV1, Venu Kumar2, K Suresh Babu2, K B Raja2 and Venugopal K R21Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India and 2University of Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India

Fingerprint Orientation Refinement Through Iterative Smoothing

Pierluigi Maponi, Riccardo Piergallini and Filippo Santarelli, University of Camerino, Italy

 August 2017, Volume 8, Number 4

Hybrid Diffusion Steered Model for Suppressing Multiplicative Noise in Ultrasonograms
Suzan Kessy1, Baraka Maiseli2 and Michael Kisangiri1, 1Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science & Technology,Tanzania and 2University of Dar-es- Salaam,Tanzania

Optimal Global Threshold Estimation Using Statistical Change Point Detection
Rohit Kamal Chatterjee1 and Avijit Kar2, 1Birla Institute of Technology, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

Automatic Image Annotation Model Using LSTM Approach
Sonu Pratap Singh Gurjar, Shivam Gupta and Rajeev Srivastava, IIT-BHU, India

Compression Based Face Recognition Using Transform Domain Features Fused at Matching Level
Srinivas Halvi1, Nayina Ramapur2, K B Raja3 and Shanti Prasad4, 1Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, India, 2Sai-Tektronix Pvt. Ltd., India, 3University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India and 4K.S. Institute of Technology, India

 June 2017, Volume 8, Number 3


Foot Anthropometry Device and Single Object Image Thresholding
Amir Mohammad Esmaieeli Sikaroudi, Sasan Ghaffari, Ali Yousefi and Hassan Sadeghi Naeini, Iran University of
Science and Technology, Iran
A Novel Algorithm for Image Denoising Using DT-CWT
SK.Umar Faruq1, K.V.Ramanaiah2, K.Soundararajan31QCET, India, 2Y.S.R College, India and 3TKR Engineering
College, India


April 2017, Volume 8, Number 2

Arabic Handwritten Character Recognition Using Structural Shape Decomposition
Abdullah A. Al-Shaher1 and Edwin R. Hancock2, 1Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait and
2University of York, United Kingdom

Video Processing for Barycenter Trajectory Identification in Diving
Stefano Frassinelli, Alessandro Niccolai and Riccardo E. Zich, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Malignant and Benign Brain Tumor Segmentation and Classification Using SVM with Weighted Kernel Width
Kimia rezaei and Hamed agahi, Islamic Azad University, Iran

To Develop a Dicom Viewer Tool for Viewing JPEG 2000 Image and Patient Information
Trupti Baraskar1 and Vijay Mankar2, 1Amravati University, India and 2MSBTE – Pune, India

Applying Edge Information in YCbCr Color Space on the Image Watermarking
Mansur Jaba1, Mosbah Elsghair2, Najeb Tonish1 and Abdusalam Abugraga2, 1Alpha University, Serbia and 2John Naisbitt University, Serbia

February 2017, Volume 8, Number 1

Multimodal Biometrics Recognition from Facial Video via Deep Learning
Sayan Maity, Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb and Shihab S. Asfour, University of Miami, USA
Analysis of MMSE Speech Estimation Impact in West Sumatra’s Noises
Suardinata, Vetho Sayuthi and Zainul Efendy, STMIK Indonesia Padang, Indonesia
Robust Feature Extraction Using Autocorrelation Domain for Noisy Speech Recognition
Gholamreza Farahani, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST), Iran
A Novel Method for Person Tracking Based K-NN : Comparison with Sift and Mean Shift Method
Asmaa AIT MOULAY and Aouatif AMINE, University Compus – Kenitra, Morocco

December 2016, Volume 7, Number 6

A Fluxgate Sensor Application : Coin Identification
Hakan Citak, Mustafa Coramik and Yavuz Ege, Balikesir University, Turkey
A Novel Probabilistic Based Image Segmentation Model for Realtime Human  Activity Detection
D.Ratna kishore1, M. Chandra Mohan2 and Akepogu. Ananda Rao11JNTUA, India and 2JNTUH, India
Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Fourier Descriptor for Indian Sign Language
Archana Ghotkar, PujashreeVidap and Santosh Ghotkar, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India
An Minimum Reconfiguration Probability Routing Algorithm for RWA in all Optical Networks
Mohan Kumar S1 and Jagadeesha S N21Jawaharalal Nehru National College of Engineering, India and 2PES Institute of Technology and Management, India


October 2016, Volume 7, Number 5

Formant Analysis of Bangla Vowel for Automatic Speech Recognition
Tonmoy Ghosh, Subir Saha and A. H. M. Iftekharul Ferdous, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Determination of Buried Magnetic Materials Geometric Dimensions
Yavuz Ege1, Adnan Kakilli2, Hakan Çıtak1 and Mustafa Çoramık1, 1Balıkesir University, Turkey and 2Marmara University, Turkey

August 2016, Volume 7, Number 4

Objective Quality Assessment of Image Enhancement Methods in Digital Mammography – A Comparative Study
Sheba K.U1 and Gladston Raj S2, 1BPC College, India and 2Government College – Nedumangad, India

June 2016, Volume 7, Number 3

A Binary to Residu Conversion Using New Proposed Non-Coprime Moduli Set

Mansour Bader1, Andraws Swidan1, Mazin Al-hadidi2 and Baha Rababah3, 1Jordan University, Jordan, 2Al-Balqa’a Applied University, Jordan and 3University of Portsmouth, UK

Multiple Objects Tracking in Surveillance Video Using Color and Hu Moments
Chandrajit M1, Girisha R2 and Vasudev T1,
1Maharaja Institute of Technology, India and 2PES College of Engineering, India

Identification of Suited Quality Metrics for Natural and Medical Images
Kirti V.Thakur, Omkar H.Damodare and Ashok M.Sapkal, Collage of Engineering – Pune, India

Compression Based Face Recognition Using DWT and SVM
Sujatha BM1, Chetan Tippanna Madiwalar2, Suresh Babu K2, Raja K B2 and Venugopal K R2, 1Acharya Institute
of Technology, India and 2University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India

April 2016, Volume 7, Number 2

Efficient Reversible Data Hiding Algorithms Based on Dual Prediction
Enas N. Jaara and Iyad F. Jafar, The University of Jordan, Jordan

Routing in All-Optical Networks Using Recursive State Space Technique
Mohan Kumar S and Jagadeesha S N, Jawaharalal Nehru National College of Engineering, India

An Innovative Moving Object Detection and Tracking System by Using Modified Region Growing Algorithm
G.Sharmila Sujatha and Prof. V.Valli Kumari, Andhra University, India

Optimized Biometric System Based on Combination of Face Images and Log Transformation
Sateesh Kumar H C1 Raja K B2 and Venugopal KR2,
1Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, India and 2University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India

Development and Hardware Implementation of an Efficient Algorithm for Cloud Detection From Satellite Images
Pooja Shah, Dharmsinh Desai University (DDIT), India

February 2016, Volume 7, Number 1

RGBEXCEL : An RGB Image Data Extractor and Exporter for Excel Processing
Peter A. Larbi1,2, 1Arkansas State University, USA and 2University of Arkansas, USA

Brain Portion Extraction Using Hybrid Contour Technique Using Sets for T1 Weighted MRI of Human Head Scans
K.Somasundaram and P.A.Kalaividya, Gandhigram Rural Institute – Deemed University, India

A Hybrid Approach Based Segmentation Technique for Brain Tumor in MRI Images
D. Anithadevi and K. Perumal, Madurai Kamaraj University, India

NIRS-Based Cortical Activation Analysis by Temporal Cross Correlation
Raul Fernandez-Rojas1, Xu Huang1, and Jehu Lopez-Aparicio2, 1University of Canberra, Australia and 2National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

Inhibition and Set-Shifting Tasks in Central Executive Function of Working Memory : An Event-Related Potential (ERP) Study
Pankaj, Jamuna Rajeswaran and Divya Sadana, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), India

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